Ree-Invent Films

Ree-Invent Films is committed to making the best cinematic projects possible—those expressly that provide humor with a moral message. We find that there are far too many remakes and boring sequels, or films that can't deliver on the hyped promises they make.

Our mission is to make quality products for eager audiences—ones that need comedy, want to laugh and who appreciate getting a moral meaning through satire. We want to create and present comedic films of substance and quality; provide films that bring laughter and healing—products that are meaningful and memorable.

  • Gary Austin
    Gary Austin
  • Andrew Dickler
    Andrew Dickler
  • Eric Halasz
    Eric Halasz
  • Dane Posey
    Dane Posey
  • Eric Satterberg
    Eric Satterberg
  • Gary Foreman
    Craig Nelson
  • Phyllis Katz
    Phyllis Katz
  • Dave Osborne
    Dave Osborn
  • Gary Foreman
    Gary Forman
  • Kylie Rodgers
    Kylie Rogers
  • Tamar Stevens
    Tamar Stevens
  • Tyler Strateman
    Tyler Strateman
  • Toni Alexander
    Toni Alexander
  • Paul Maher
    Paul Maher