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Phyllis Katz

Phyllis KatzPHYLLIS KATZ, a pioneer member, former director and current board member of L.A.’s prestigious theatre troupe, The Groundlings, has enjoyed working in TV, film and stage as an actor, writer and director. Her one-woman show, Katz: Music & Characters, won a Drama-Logue award for best performance; her play; Codependently Yours, was an L.A. Weekly award nominee; and her first film short, Shoedini, ran on I-film for a year with a 10 rating.

She most recently appeared in Reno 911, Strong Medicine, and the film Taking the Plunge and was the female lead on Showtime’s cult comedy Sherman Oaks. As a songwriter, she co-authored three TV theme songs and the anthem for Project Literacy and was a regular contributor to FX’s Son of the Beach. In addition to co-creating The Groundlings School, Phyllis does private coaching and conducts and designs writing, character development, and song improv workshops.

She recently finished her third season coaching L.A. Opera’s Domingo-Thornton Young Artists. Her first book, "Hipwrecked," has just been released and her second, "Awesome Monologues for Teen Actors" will be available in 2012.

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