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Tamar Stevens

Tamar StevensTamar is an actor/writer from Lafayette, Calif. and a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford Connecticut, where she spent four years performing with the improv comedy troupe The Moveable Joints! She also earned a degree in Film and Media Arts. She is a graduate of the Upright Citizens Brigade improv program, but having lived in Hartford, Los Angeles, London, New York, and the Bay Area.

Stevens has had the opportunity to study improv from a variety of theaters and teachers, all of which has deepened her love for the art form. That love, and her love for film and TV eventually blended and Tamar took to acting for the camera. She has appeared in a number of student and short films, and is most proud of her Senior Thesis project "Dreamcatching" an hour-long TV pilot that she starred in, wrote, directed, produced, and edited.

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