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The film keys in on the proverbial David vs. Goliath scenario when the filthy-rich land developer, Vivian Brechner, decides not to renew the lease on a bowling alley in a small town so that, together with a local avaricious tribal Indian chief, she can tear it down to make way for a gambling casino.

What happens when the 52 people in Fountain Springs learn that Fountain Bowl—the "only thing they've got"—is teetering on destruction? Their community lifestyle, as they have known it, is about to come to an abrupt and tragic end. This is when the townsfolk get word in the Fountain Spray newspaper, and, all hell breaks loose!

How could the fate of something as simple and innocent as a bowling alley get so complicated? Well, it just does. The story gets messy, tense, suspenseful and, oh, so very funny.

In the end, we learn who will win. Who will lose. And who's got balls!!!