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November 19, 2015


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Re: “We’ve Got Balls” award-winning full-length feature comedy now available at Vimeo on Demand



Film’s Distributor Indie Rights Taps Award-Winning Film for Its Lineup


Santa Ana, Calif.—Indie Rights, which specializes in the distribution of quality independent films, and who launched the cult bowling comedy, “We’ve Got Balls,” last Spring, has chosen to include the quirky bowling comedy on its Vimeo On Demand channelhttps://vimeo.com/ondemand/discover/indierights, according to Linda Nelson, co-founder of Indie Rights.


“We have more than 300 films in our catalogue,” said Nelson, “and we recently launched on Vimeo on Demand. We are proud to say that we have included ‘We’ve Got Balls’ as part of our lineup.”


The film, which won eight awards along the film festival circuit, launched domestically last spring.  It is currently available on Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Prime, Xbox, Vudu, PlayStation, and Comcast Xfinity. The film is also available On Demand through other select cable providers in addition to Vimeo and Comcast..


“We’ve Got Balls’” storyline centers around a small town trying to save a bowling alley from destruction by a filthy-rich land developer—a greedy mogul who wants to build a gambling casino on the land on which the bowling alley sits.


“We’ve Got Balls,” which debuted as an Official Selection at the Newport Beach Film Festival in late April 2013, went on to six other film festivals garnering eight awards in total. The film picked up: “BEST COMEDY” at the Movieville International Film Festival; “BEST COMEDY – FEATURE,” “OUTSTANDING CAST PERFORMANCE,” and “FILMMAKER OF THE YEAR” at the 2013 Action of Film International Film Festival; an “AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD;” and a “BEST FEATURE – BRONZE AWARD,” at the All Sports International Film Festival; a Silver Remi for “BEST FILM TRAILER,” at the World-Fest Houston International Film Festival; and an “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE” from Indie-Fest International. “Though the film has been seen before sell out crowds at all the festivals where it has screened, it is now available for sale and streaming via the aforementioned platforms world-wide. “We are thrilled to be working with Linda Nelson and her team. They are doing a fantastic job getting the film in wide digital release,” said Kerr. “We look forward to more success, now that we are on Vimeo on Demand.”


Kerr went on to say, “This film really is a rallying cry for many bowling centers across the country, many of them trying to stave off a still-wavering economy. We want people to know that bowling is more than just a game—they are centers for families and communities.


Nelson launched an aggressive social media campaign with the film’s May 26, 2015 rollout. Since then, it has done very well. “We finally have a way to reach a very specialized niche to get behind our indie films so that they can then find a broader audience,” she says. “As a result, we have scored big in winning the hearts of many bowling centers across the country.”


Kerr, a founding member of the famed L.A. Groundlings, and the founder and Artistic Director of the Orange County Crazies, says “Balls,” her first feature-length comedy film, promises to gamer many laughs as it imparts a tender message.


Starring in the film are: Gary Austin, co-founder and creator of the L.A. Groundlings, and a long time friend and former performing partner of Kerr’s; Andrew Dickler (“Douchebag” 2010); Toni Alexander, Tyler Strateman; Eric Halasz; Eric Satterberg; and Dane Posey. Actors in supporting roles include: Craig Nelson, Lynne Stewart, Phyllis Katz, Tamar Stevens, Paul Maher, Tony LaHood, Barry Weisenberg, Jose Valdez, Nick Dopuch, David Goldman, Dave Osborn, Jay Abdo, Patrick Downey, Bill Reed, Stanley Hendrickson, Gary Forman, Lew Crouse, and Kylie Rogers. Kerr also assembled a cast of background players numbering more than 150.


Set in the fictional town of Fountain Springs (pop. 52), numerous Orange County locations were used for the shoot including Fountain Valley’s Fountain Bowl, Intercommunications offices at Newport Beach’s Fashion Island, Santa Ana’s Double Tree Hotel, the De Pietro Performance Center, River View Golf Course, and an historic Victorian home in French Park.


With its poignant and relevant social message, and family-friendly laughs, the film is appropriate for most audiences.



For more information, please visit:www.wevegotballsmovie.com or “We’ve Got Balls” Facebook page. Interested parties may email Linda Nelson at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or Ree-invent’s offices at (714) 550-9900 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.